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At ApexEdge, we relentlessly build Subscription Management and Financial Advocacy solutions to help humans live better financial lives.

Enabling delivery of our solutions as a targeted, added value to your customers transforms your insights into action. By helping save money and reduce stress, you’ll deepen your customer relationships with meaningful, personalized conversations.

Join us at the Apex and grow from just an advisor to an indispensable advocate - at the top of your customers’ minds.

A hyper-personalized conversation.

Mining our ever-expanding market knowledge base, our platform delivers rich qualification and probability results that enable concierge-level targeting. Your customer conversations can begin with compelling calls to action and continue with meaningful results. 

Relevant, focused solutions and outcomes with real value equal ongoing, personalized relationships with your customers.

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Bill Negotiation


Customers overpay hundred$ per year for Mobile, PayTV, Internet, Phone, Alarm & other services.

Billers have cultivated this surrender & apathy through low service standards and complicated pricing.

Adding Bill Negotiation into your native UX levels the playing field. With minimal data, ApexEdge delivers:

  • Lower monthly rates
  • No provider changes
  • Ongoing rate monitoring

Customers save money. You build loyalty & revenue.

Subscription Cancellation


The subscription economy is burying customers with auto-renewing bills for unused clubs & memberships.

Integrating Subscription Cancellations into your native UX empowers customers to easily erase these unwanted bills.

Customers save money. You build loyalty & revenue.



Our Enhance suite of backend solutions enable interactive, ongoing customer conversations and service management.

  • Outage Credits
  • Service Pause/Vacation
  • Overage Refunds

Integrating one or all into your native UX ensures your Customers pay only for the Services and performance they actually receive. With minimal data, we’ll negotiate credits and refunds when failures & overages occur plus reduce monthly billing when Services go unused.

Customers save money. You build loyalty & revenue!

Privacy Protect


Personal data and information privacy is a growing worry for consumers. Technology proliferation, the exponential growth of services and providers, plus neverending announcements of customer data exposure and breaches drives the opportunity to help  resecure privacy rights.  

Integrating Privacy Protect into your native UX returns control and security to your customers. With minimal information, we’ll demand erasure of the customer’s digital personal information & data footprints retained by providers. 

Customers regain security of their data and peace of mind. You build loyalty and revenue.

A Seismic Impact

Our Bill Negotiation and Subscription Cancellation solutions drive major savings for your customers. They, in turn, create major direct and indirect value for your company.

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Annualized Savings - Subscription Cancellations


Annualized Savings - Bill Negotiations


Total Annualized Savings


When you help customers obtain these savings - found money! - redirect it with one time or recurring transfers to your accounts, micro investments, or payments. Keep it in your ecosystem!

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