Welcome to subscription management made easy.

ApexEdge bill negotiation and subscription cancellation solutions delight customers by lowering bills. Banks & PFMs enjoy higher revenue, engagement, and reduced costs. Customers save. Partners win.

Customers are overpaying every single month.

The subscriptions economy is exploding. Services bills are intentionally complicated and continuously increase. Monthly bills are burying customers and friendly fraud disputes cost Partners billion$.


average annual subscription expense per US household


annually lost in fraud investigation & write offs.


of consumers overpay or underuse one or more subscriptions


growth in subscription economy between 2012-2021


Our products activate Partner insights. Solve customer problems and save money for the win.

Integrate subscription management into your customer journey with concise calls to action and intuitive processes.

Concierge Subscription Cancellations & Refunds

Terminates unused, unwanted, auto-renewing clubs and memberships. ApexEdge merchant outreach with verified termination of a subscription plus refunds (~20% of the time averaging $30) directly to the customer!

  • Embed a simple cancel CTA near charge.
  • Collect customer information & consent in native UX.
  • Submit Service Request to ApexEdge.
  • Webhooks confirm results to communicate to customer.

Self-Serve Cancellations

Allows customers to self-manage their subscriptions, including cancellation. ApexEdge manages instructions & iframe deeplinks to merchant cancellation pages, allowing customers to easily cancel subscriptions.

  • Identify recurring subscriptions & embed CTA.
  • Explain value proposition & provide instructions.
  • Expose merchant window.
  • Customer manages account.

Bill Negotiations

Reduces monthly rates without changing providers or services using market intelligence and negotiation skill, saving ~$300 per bill.

Help reduce Mobile, Internet, TV, Security, and Telephone bills with no service changes. Integrate a targeted, intuitive, value-add into your existing customer experience.


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We’re bank level secure.

Our entire ecosystem has been built to meet your security and compliance standards. We’re proud to evidence our readiness and waiting to shine on supplier assessments
  • Risk management protocols governed by an Information Security Management Program.
  • SOC 2 Type 2 annual certification.
  • AWS microservices serverless architecture with e2e data encryption.