The subscription economy is burying customers with monthly bills for unused, unwanted and phantom auto-renewing clubs & memberships.

Integrating Subscription Cancellations into your native user journey empowers customers to easily erase these unwanted charges - in just a click or two. Customers avoid the hassle of finding the Provider, never-ending holds, and being pressured with retention efforts. ApexEdge cancels the subscription and often  obtains refunds!

Customers save time & money. You build loyalty & revenue.

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Surface an intuitive, targeted call to action and value proposition in your existing customer journey. Verify required pre-populated data, explain pricing, and obtain consent. Easy and fast. 

Simple API integration delivers the minimal data necessary to process requests. Our team of Cancellation Experts will cancel the subscription, work to obtain a refund processed directly by the provider to the customer, and communicate results.

Share the good news with your customer and redirect their found money in your ecosystem! 


The subscriptions economy has grown exponentially and it's costing customers far more than they realize. Surfacing these monthly charges as insights reveals the massive annual waste. Transforming that insight to a cancellation action transforms you from an advisor to a trusted advocate.

  • A simple, binary solution with a 99% success rate
  • Available on nearly 400 US & CA Subscriptions Providers
  • Customer savings reach $100s+ annually, including refunds!

Finding ‘free’ money has significant benefits for you, too.

  • Longer and more frequent engagement
  • Improved CSAT and NPS
  • Direct revenue
  • Indirect revenue via savings redirection to native products
  • CoGS/SGA reduction by reduced complaints and disputes 

Billed on a wholesale basis to Partners. Valuable enough to be a chargeable service, some Partners position the solution as an added benefit to core products.

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