Our Enhance suite of backend solutions enable interactive, ongoing customer conversations and service management.

  • Outage Credits
  • Service Pause/Vacation
  • Overage Refunds

Integrating one or all into your native UX ensures your Customers pay only for the Services and performance they actually receive. With minimal data, we’ll negotiate credits and refunds when failures & overages occur plus reduce monthly billing when Services go unused. 

Customers save money. You build loyalty & revenue!

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Enhance solutions customer journeys are dependent upon your data position.  For Partners who have access to Customer’s network performance and usage, calls to action can be specifically targeted:

  • Hello, we’ve noticed no network usage for 2 weeks. Would you like to pause your PayTv Service to reduce your bill by up to 80% during non-usage?
  • In January, your ISP usage exceeded 1 Terabyte and you may have data overage charges on your bill. Would you like to request credit for those charges?

Partners who do not have specific network monitoring capability situate calls to action more traditionally on account management dashboards or transaction detail screens.


Our concierge advocacy products lower consumer stress and save money: elimination, optimization, and refunds.

By reducing or irritating these irritating expenses for your customers - finding ‘free’ money - you’ll transform from an advisor to a trusted advocate.

  • Service Pause/Vacation. Why pay for service when it’s going unused? Service rates can be vastly reduced when ‘Paused’/placed on Vacation. (2nd homes, extended vacations). Reductions of up to 90% of monthly recurring rates!
  • Outage Credits. Service failure (outages, interruptions, degradations) credits are generally negotiable with all ISPs based on length of interruption. Monthly batching.
  • Overage Refunds. Even with ‘unlimited’ plans, providers assess customer data overage charges and/or 
    throttle/reduce speeds. Monthly batching.

Billed on a wholesale basis to Partners. Significantly valuable enough to be a chargeable service, some Partners position the solution as an added value to their core products.

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