Partnering with ApexEdge Offers Unique Value to Your Customers

Partnering with ApexEdge Offers Unique Value to Your Customers

As a financial institution, you understand the importance of having strong relationships with your customers.  To stand out from the competition, however, you need to have a point of difference; you want to be a resource your clients can rely on for advice, guidance and expertise.  ApexEdge can help you become an indispensable partner through the proficiency of services we offer, including actionable insights and solutions, which you will ultimately pass on to your clients as your own.  Our newest Active Intelligence products and services help people live better financial lives and lets you be the hero.  


How does it work?

ApexEdge has a very strong market knowledge base and a platform that enables you to specifically target your customers with compelling calls to action.  This hyper-personalization helps you provide solutions to common problems, which enhance your customer relationships.  For example, your customers probably want to save money, but might not realize how much they can actually save simply by negotiating better rates on their existing monthly bills without having to switch providers.



People generally overpay hundreds of dollars each year for common everyday services, such as phone, internet and TV.  Providers often have complicated pricing structures and poor customer service, making it almost impossible for the average person to find savings on their own.  After offering initial deals to lure new customers in, these service providers never follow up with any sort of pricing discounts or seasonal deals, so their customers don’t know they actually exist.  We’ve solved this problem through our professional bill negotiation entity, BillShark, which is designed specifically to save your clients money.  BillShark expertly negotiates on their behalf to get the best deals possible, achieving an average savings of $260 per bill with over a 90% satisfaction rate.  Check out our cost calculator here to see how it works (input link).  We will do the negotiating and you leverage the enriched data and offer the savings we achieve as a value to your customers.  You will become a trusted advocate rather than just another advisor.  Finding your customers free money enables you to have longer and more frequent engagement, improved CSAT and NPS, direct revenue, indirect revenue via savings redirection to native products and CoGS/SGA reduction by reduced complaints and disputes.  



Another way to offer your clients quick and easy savings is through subscription cancellation.  The subscriptions industry relies heavily on initial sign-ups that convert seamlessly to auto-renewing bills which their customers often forget about.  These subscriptions mainly sit unused and money is frequently wasted on them.  Perhaps your clients have more streaming services than they need.  Offering subscription cancellation is extremely valuable, as it enables them to save money in a click or two without the hassle and inconvenience of having to cancel multiple subscriptions themselves.  There are no wait times and no pressure to keep the subscriptions.  ApexEdge cancels the subscription (we currently cover nearly 400 subscription providers) and often obtains refunds, so your clients save hundreds of dollars annually and you build loyalty and revenue.



In addition to bill negotiation and subscription cancellation, we offer our Enhance suite of backend solutions to enable interactive and ongoing customer conversations and service management.  This will ensure your customers only pay for services they receive.  If they go on vacation, we’ll make sure their services, such as newspaper delivery, are paused and negotiate credits and refunds for any overages.  And when services go unused, we’ll reduce monthly billing.


ApexEdge’s platform delivers rich qualification and probability results that enable concierge-level targeting.  Our three money-saving pillars of service offer tremendous value that will ultimately build loyalty and revenue, setting you apart from the competition and making you a critical financial partner.


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Partnering with ApexEdge Offers Unique Value to Your Customers

As a financial institution, you understand the importance of having

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